The California Avocado Society is a California Non-Profit Corporation. Membership in the California Avocado Society does not involve the marketing of your avocados.

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CAS Programs
California Avocado Growers Seminars

California Avocado Society, in partnership with the California Avocado Commission and the University of California Cooperative Extension, plans and execute four California Avocado Growers Seminar Series. To make these seminars accessible they are offered during the same week at three different locations. San Luis Obispo, Ventura and Fallbrook. The Seminar Committee does its best to offer topics related to current needs of the Avocado growers.

Current Year Seminar Schedule

Annual Meeting

Members are invited to attend the Society’s annual meeting. It is a two-day Field Growers Tour and Meeting. They are held once in the fall of that year rotating its location between Ventura County and San Diego County. Its purpose is to provide the members with current topics affecting the avocado trees, industry and growers. Scientists and professional speakers are invited to share their knowledge of all avocado-related subjects with our members.

More information on current year annual meeting